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Jan Tiberg 

Jan is a saw consultant with experience in bimetal saws, their heat treatment and optimising their performance. Wear of saw teeth, fatigue of saw backing, influence of cutting lubricants, residual stresses in saws, noise at sawing are some of some of the subjects of his studies.

He has developed a tool life formula, necessary for optimising sawing. He has also developed theories for economic optimisation of sawing.

Among the customers there are a Swedish research institute, ALO Center, saw users and saw producers. He is also an often used lecturer in band sawing.

Do not hesitate to contact Jan if you have questions in sawing.

2010 and onwards Consultant
Among the customer are a Swedish research institute, ALO Center and others.

1997 – 2009 Erasteel
Band saw research and development. Design of a fully computerised saw laboratory. Development of a tool life formula. Different theories for sawing optimisation.

1987 – 1997 The Swedish Institute for Production Engineering Research
Head of the local research office in Sandviken focused on machining and machinability of steel.

1971 – 1987 Ovako Steel
Research engineer, working with low alloy steels and machinability, developped a new HSLA steel, Ovako 280.

1971 PhD at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Theses about recrystallisation during hot rolling of steel