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ALO Showroom

We invite you to come and have a look at the range of models on display in our showroom. We are constantly adding, changing or updating our showroom and we usually have around 7-10 units on display. This is a great opportunity for you to see our machines in action, in the capable hands of our staff and all models are fully operational, ready for you to test.

We welcome you to bring or send samples of your material to run during your visit, which will assist in your selection.

If planning a trip to visit our showroom, please call or email ahead to schedule an appointment with our Sales team.

Preliminary schedules for our showroom:

Aug - Dec 2017

- ALO 177 With coiler and magazine

- ALO 187-B Our latest band saw setters with
- ALO 825 Electrical loop table and
- ALO 826 Mechanical brake unit

- ALO 126 Grinding fixture
- ALO 22-01-A Table top shears
- ALO 106-E New Cube elevator
- ALO 106-ESD New Single plane system
- ALO 106-MTU New Milling take up system
- ALO 177-xM3 Upgraded Magazine
- ALO 880 Electrical coiler
- ALO 487-MH Setting and induction hardening
- ALO 103-7C hydraulic cube elevator


We reserve the right to change the schedule.

Tomas is demo ALO 185-C for our customers


ALO 177

ALO 177 with magazine

Daniel is demo the new ALO 184-B

ALO 184-B Setting machine

The Cube system

ALO 186 Setting machine