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ALO was founded already 1938 and through the years we have delivered more than 2000 machines into more than 50 different countries throughout the world. Most to all saw and steel rule manufactures use ALO systems and it have thanks to the quality and long life time also lead to long term close relations with our customers.

ALO machines are all designed by using the edge of technology with a Guaranteed Machine Quality to generate Consistent Quality out put for the best of our customers.

Cooperation with selected machine manufactures of key equipment such as NORMAC grinders for band saw blades, NELL grinders for steel rules and Julius strip edge equipment means that ALO today can offer complete production lines both for die steel rules and most types of saw blades, incl. carbon and bimetal band saw blades, hand hack saws etc.

The world wide coverage have been achieved as a result of the efficiency and the reliability of the ALO machines due to ALO:s

- Continuous emphasis of product development
- State of the art technology and high quality equipment
- Good local and long term after sales service
- Good and long term customer relations  



ALO History
The first ALO setting machine for bow saw blades was made in 1938 by Anders Lind in Orsa, 15 km north of Mora.

Anders worked with setting at Orsa Sågbladsfabrik AB where they made hand saws and bow saws. All setting was carried out with a hand tool and the setters could every evening take blades home to set and return them next day for payment.
Anders made this machine in his small home shop and was hereby able to set many more blades than anybody else.

The President of the company realized after a couple of weeks that something was "wrong"
and Anders had to tell him about his setting machine for bow saw blades.
In order to keep his employment Anders had
to sell the machine to the company and
was paid 4.500 SEK.

The machine was placed at Orsa Sågbladsfabrik and operated well until the factory was closed
down during the seventies. From this time until 1989 the setting machine was sold four times
until we found it in full operation and bought it
back for 4.500 SEK.

Anders Lind opened his own small machine
making business mainly for saw shops and local factories, which was quite a few at that time.

1974 we started to use the name ALO TEKNIK
after the initials from Anders Lind Orsa for ALO.
We are still making setters but now we also offer
all other required machines for saw making.

Pictures from the workshop......



Anders Lind
Founder of ALO TEKNIK AB